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The Knit Tree web site offers fashionable knits ranging from garments to home decor, but we know there are lots of creative hand knitters and machine knitters or even sewers who would rather "do it themselves"! To make that knitting, crocheting, sewing, or fiber craft project easier and help you save money at the same time, the Knit Tree online shopping catalog introduces the Yarn Kits and Patterns category of the Bread and Butter Basics Showroom.  Watch for the special promotions too with free knitting patterns!

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Knitting Yarn Kits and Knitting Patterns for Hand and Machine make it easy to Create those fun Knitting Projects

7 colors Nature Spun Wool Yarn Kit ~ 18 Skeins ~ Doctor Who Garter Scarf Pattern
Hand or Machine Knitting ~ Season 12

Dr Who Season 12 Yarn Kit with knitting pattern 15 foot scarf
Dr Who Season 12 Yarn Kit with knitting pattern 15 foot scarf
Dr Who Season 12 Yarn Kit with knitting pattern 6 foot scarf
Dr Who Season 12 Yarn Kit with knitting pattern 6 foot scarf.

Knit the 15 Foot Replica of the Dr Who Scarf worn by Tom Baker in the TV series Dr Who with the full size Season 12 Dr Who Yarn kit pictured at the left. The knitting pattern gives directions for knitting the 15 foot or two knit scarves at 7.5 feet each or three knit scarves at 5 feet each.

If you prefer a shorter version of the Dr Who Season 12 Scarf, go to The Knit Tree's online store catalog to purchase the 6 foot Dr Who Season 12 yarn kit and pattern pictured at the right.

These yarn kits were originally put together to teach Basic Knitting Techniques for Hand and Machine Knitters for Sharon Nani's Little Knitter Program. See the detailed step by step knit photo instructions for making the slip knot, casting on, knitting the knit garter stitch, binding off, knit finishing techniques of weaving in yarn ends, making tassels, steaming and hand pressing. These detailed instructions for basic Hand and machine knitting can be applied to any project and can be found on The Knit Tree's main web page in the Article: "Learn How To Knit by Hand or Machine ~ Doctor Who Season 12 Scarf Knit for Charity Challenge"

The Dr Who Season 12 Scarf Yarn Kit and Pattern is one of The Knit Tree's best selling yarn kits.

Lycra - A Spandex Stabilizer by DuPont distributed by Invista

Lycra is that secret ingredient used in the fashion industry to polish your garments
Lycra is that secret ingredient used in the fashion industry to polish your garments
Adventures with Lycra booklet with tips for Machine Knitters
Adventures with Lycra booklet with tips for Machine Knitters.

Lycra is a "Bread and Butter Basic" ingredient needed by anyone who wants their knits to look professionally finished! Machine knitters, hand knitters, CSM, and even crochet products are enhanced with this specialty fiber. It can be used in combination of any yarn to wish you want to add an 'elastic and resilient property'.

The unique category of "Yarn Kits and Patterns " is added to the Bread and Butter Showroom online knitting catalog for items such as this that are hard to get and are important to quality knit products.

Sharon Nani wrote the booklet "Adventures with Lycra" telling you how to use it with your knit projects on home knitting machines along with several patterns for machine knit projects. Also, find machine and hand knitting instructions for Sharon's specially designed visor caps using Lycra in her article Lycra and the Cap with An Attitude" published in Inknitters magazine: Vol 4 No.16.

Enter The Knit Tree's online knitting catalog to get more information on lycra and purchase this incredible industrial fiber Lycra is the registered trademark of Dupont

Three Generation Knit Slipper with Free Knitting Pattern
Sizes Baby thru XLarge

The Tree Generation Slipper pattern is available for Hand and Machine Knitters
The Tree Generation Slipper pattern is available for Hand and Machine Knitters
Three Generation Slippers knit by the Little Knitters with a free knitting pattern for hand or machine knitters
Three Generation Slippers knit by the Little Knitters with a free knitting pattern for hand or machine knitters.

As a Special Promotion to encourage sales for slippers by "The Little Knitters", Sharon Nani is offering her instructional knitting pattern for free with purchase of a pair of specially marked slippers .Select between the Machine Knitting or the Hand Knitting Version of the knitting pattern when you visit our online knitting catalog and store.

You can also buy the hand knit pattern for the knit slippers or the machine knit pattern for these slippers separately in the Yarn Kits and Patterns Category of our online knitting catalog.

This is a 'beginner level pattern' using stockinet stitches. The Knitting Machine Version has been written for Bulky Knitting Machines, but this is easily knit on Mid gauge knitting machines as well, following the same pattern, just a different stitch dial setting. Sharon has even knit this pattern on standard gauge and passap knitting machines, on every other needle, but care must be used to use the claw weights properly on standard gauge knitting machines. Read the pattern for hints and tips in all cases! Sharon even gives you several yarn choices to pick from: worsted weight yarns, acrylic / nylon blends, or cotton. Yarn is not included in this kit ~ just pair of slippers and the instructions for the 7 sizes. The Three Generation Slipper has been a favorite Bread & Butter Basic knit item since the1970's. The form shaped heel and toe allow for a great fit. The fiber mixture of 60% acrylic and 40% nylon give it the strength needed for longer wear and easy care. The versatility of sizes baby through extra large meet the needs of all.

The "Slipper Department" of The Knit Tree is the special area for "The Little Knitters" Read their about page and please encourage them in their growth as little entrepreneurs by purchasing a pair of slippers..

Cotton Dish Rag Patterns or Yarn Kits
for Machine Knitting or Hand Knitting

Photo of
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Photo of
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Little Knitters skills grow as they learn new fabrics and knit with new yarns to make delightful gifts. Great Quality too! This three piece set consists of soft cotton Baby Wash Clothes or Dish Rags with a Racked Zig Zag Pattern, and one in vertical in vertical stripes or checks of the racked ribs. This is a real Fashionable set of baby blue, baby pink, and white. They are approximately 13 inches square. The cotton yarn is knit in a texture that makes it thick and absorbant. Great for dishes, or a wonderful wash cloth for babies and adults alike! Go to The Knit Tree's online store to purchase the free pattern with the set of 3 cotton wash clothes already knit or you can get the yarn kit and pattern and knit them yourself.

The wash rag pattern is available for Hand Knitters and Machine Knitters.

Sharon Nani teaches her Professional Knitting Techniques
Learn determining selling cost of a knit and how to knit the Classic Dress

Pricing Formulas for knits teaches you how to determine the selling cost of a knit item
Pricing Formulas for knits teaches you how to determine the selling cost of a knit item
Knit Classic Dress Pattern for sizes 31 inch to 44 inch bust
Knit Classic Dress Pattern for sizes 31 inch to 44 inch bust

Everyone is curious about 'how they got that price' in the knit fashion industry whether you knit items for sale or not.; This booklet by Sharon Nani gives you some insight into that topic. But even more important is the step by step machine knitting instructions for The popular Cap Sleeve shell. Knitting directions for this shell are given for sizes Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large for both Passap knitting machines and standard gauge knitting machines with holding position. There is even a doll size pattern so you can practice the knitting techniques in a smaller quantity of yarn.

The Classic Dress is a 'basic pattern'. It can be knit on any standard gauge, single bed knitting machine. Optional techniques are presented for hems, necklines, and finishing touches for use with a ribber or double bed machine." It was written by Sharon Nani, author, designer, and professional cottage industry instructor.

This classic dress was marketed over several years in the Fashion Boutique Stores. It is based on using a wool / rayon blend of yarn such as sold 'as a dress yarn' by Silk City, or a yarn getting a stitch gauge of 8 stitches and 11-12 rows per inch. Sharon Nani also used this booklet as the teaching guide for her workshops to teach professional knitting techniques.

Learn more professional knitting techniques by reading Articles written by Sharon Nani, owner of The Knit Tree .

Go to The Knit Tree's Yarn Kits and Patterns category of the online Store to find even more Yarn Kits and Patterns as they are Developed

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