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Our Showrooms are growing. We've added a Camouflage and Yarn Kits and Knitting Patterns Page

See our separate camouflage showroom for this growing fashion rage of knit camouflage clothes for the entire family from camouflage knit baby clothes to our unisex camouflage sweaters, camouflage knit caps, and camouflage cargo pants in our online knitting catalog!

Every cottage industry knitter knows the importance of their "bread & butter basics" ranging from knit slippers, knit baby clothes, accessories, caps and sweaters accented with unique yarns and fibers and much more! This Showroom offers you a wide selections of hand loomed knits and gifts that are basic to everyone's needs.

We have added a special Showroom of Yarn Kits and Patterns to satisfy the requests from so many hand knitters and machine knitters that want to knit bread and butter basics, baby clothes, fashion garments and home decor items themselves! We've just gotten started so come back often to see what surprises are in store for you! We are converting some of our machine knit patterns to hand knitting instructions so we'll be adding those yarn kits and knitting patterns each month to our new showroom and online shopping catalog.   Right now there are patterns and kits which include unique fibers such as lycra along with the pattern books that give information on how to use the lycra or determine the selling cost of your knit projects. Check out our special promotion: Buy a pair of the Three Generation Knit Slipper and get the choice of the free knitting pattern for hand knitting or knitting machine!

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Bread and Butter Basics is a special Show Room to introduce you to knit items that are considered to be every day useful items for all your family

Co-ordinate Camouflage Baby Clothes

camouflage baby garments can be mixed and matched with our basic cotton baby clothes
camouflage baby garments can be mixed and matched with our basic cotton baby clothes
Our little baby loves to be cuddled in her soft camo blanket
Our little baby loves to be cuddled in her soft camo blanket.

Our cotton camouflage knit baby clothes are so popular that we are getting more requests to add styles, colors, and sizes. We always pay attention to our customers so we have added a camouflage cardigan uniquely styled to co-ordinate with the other cotton baby clothes in our "Bread & Butter Basic's Baby's Corner".

Our camouflage cardi goes great with the honeycomb tuck baby hat, the tuck baby booties, or its matching camouflage cap or camouflage moccasin booties.  Camouflage baby blankets in both cotton and acrylic are popular gift items.

We appreciate your feedback, so contact us if you would like to see other camo colors like marine camo, forest camo, woodland camo, snow camouflage, or desert camouflage - especially knit for older children or adults.

"The Three Generation Knit Slipper"

Photo of our Little Knitter enjoying the creative process of knitting her slippers
Photo of our Little Knitter enjoying the creative process of knitting her slippers
This Little Knitter accents her slippers with daisey flowers
This Little Knitter accents her slippers with daisy flowers.

The Three Generation Knit Slipper" has been a favorite Bread & Butter Basic knit item since the1970's. The form shaped heel and toe allow for a great fit. The fiber mixture of acrylic and nylon give it the strength needed for longer wear and easy care. Cotton slippers are offered for those that like the natural fibers .The versatility of sizes meet the needs of all ~ choose between knit baby slippers, toddler or preschool knit slippers, child and small adult sizes, and the traditional knit slipper sizes: small, medium, large, and x large

Our Little Knitters have the opportunity to learn to knit their slippers by both machine knitting and hand knitting methods according to their abilities's. They pick their own colors, prepare the yarn for knitting, knit their slipper, and finish their slippers under supervision to ensure quality in all the knit items. Then they learn marketing skills by helping with the web photography and selecting names for their color combinations

This 10 year old Little Knitter selected her yarn colors of turquoise, orange, and yellow and prepared them for knitting on the knitting machine by winding them with a yarn winder. Then she learned the additional knitting technique to change colors for the toe on this bulky knitting machine. Finally she gets to hand finish her slippers and pick a name for her color combination. It was a tough choice between Tropical Sunset and Sherbert Ice cream for this pair of knit slippers. Also, see what she did for her Wine and Roses knit Slippers   We are soooo proud of all our Little Knitters!

You can encourage these " Little Knitters" by entering our store and examining their knit products. These knit slippers make great inexpensive gifts. I love to use them as prizes at baby showers or a special gift for the expectant mom: a set of slippers for mom and a matching set for baby!

As a Special Promotion to encourage sales for slippers by "The Little Knitters", Sharon Nani is offering her instructional knitting pattern for free with each purchase of a pair of specially marked slippers. Select between the Machine Knitting or the Hand Knitting Version of the knitting pattern when you visit our online knitting catalog and store

Hand loomed Knit Cotton Wash Rags and Dish Clothes by the Little Knitters

Little Knitter Knits 4 Cotton Dish Clothes
Little Knitter Knits 4 Cotton Dish Clothes
Little Knitter Learns the Latch Tool Bind Off Knitting Technique
Little Knitter Learns the Latch Tool Bind Off Knitting Technique.

Small Square knit items are a great way to teach beginning knitters new knitting techniques on unique new yarns.   These special knit cotton wash clothes gave these little knitters the opportunity to knit with Silk Cities Softball Cotton which is a wonderful absorbent fiber and perfect for dish rags and wash clothes. They learn the new yarn characteristics of cotton and why cotton is the perfect fiber for their bath or dish rags.

It also gave them the opportunity to learn to knit a textural more advanced racking pattern in a fisherman rib design. First they knit a vertical stripe design, then they advance to a checked pattern.. This twelve year old Little Knitter first selected her colors that she thought were good for kitchen accent colors. She choose to knit dish cloth sets of two in red and natural, blue and natural, and red with olive green. Then her marketing skills went into play when she wanted to offer dish rag sets of three for a bargain price in the Patriotic Set of Red, Blue, and Natural and another set of three in fashion colors of red, olive green, and natural. Little Knitters can learn alot of knitting and marketing skills in these unique knit gift sets

Sharon Nani is also writing the instructional pattern for these knit dish rags for machine knitters and hand knitters. It will be offered with knit cotton yarn kits so watch for them to come soon in the Yarn Kits and Knit Patterns category of The Knit Tree's online store catalog.

Hand loomed Knit "Cotton - Honeycomb Tuck Cardi" for Baby

knit Honeycomb Baby Cardi in Cotton
knit Honeycomb Baby Cardi in Cotton.

""Knit Baby Items" are a great way to learn all the basic techniques of shaping knits and adding patterns and textures to those shapes.  The Artisans of Mountain High Knits proved that this was done with elegance and quality.

Mountain High Knits was a dream of Ellen Stretton's to bring some income to the households of Bridgeville, Ca when they lost so much industry in the lumber business. the Knit Tree aided her in training and teaching her home knitters the baby clothes patterns offered under the Mountain High Label. After a struggle with Lou Gehrig disease, Ellen passed away in March of 2009. Before she passed away, The Knit Tree incorporated the Mountain High Line into The Knit Tree. by this means we honor and keep her legacy alive. 

The Bread & Butter Basics Category of our Store offers you lots of choices in our "Babies Corner."    You can find this Tuck Honeycomb textured Cardi and Hat, along with matching baby booties and baby blankets in the Babies Corner. All of our baby camouflage clothes are knit with the same soft cotton yarn so you can mix and match and create a unique baby gift set. We are proud of our Baby Knits, hand loomed with that personal touch for the special Baby in your life.

The Little Knitter's follow the same process and training program that was developed for the original Mountain High Knitters so that these quality cotton baby clothes are still available in The Knit Tree's online store in The Baby's Corner.

Accessories are Basic to Every Wardrobe
Caps, Scarves, Shrugs, Shawls and more

Little Knitter knits lots of scarves to help pay for a class trip to Washington DC
Little Knitter knits lots of scarves to help pay for a class trip to Washington DC
A newsboy style cap is always fun to wear
A newsboy style cap is always fun to wear.

The very first lesson on a knitting machine is the techniques involved in knitting the fisherman rib scarf.

Then the Little Knitters get to be creative and design their own color schemes, draft out how many rows to knit for each stripe, then knit their creations.

the Little Knitter on the left actually earned enough money to pay for half of her class trip to Washington DC by knitting and marketing these scarf's. A great learning experience in many directions.

The Little Knitter on the right enjoys modeling her lime green newsboy beanie. You have the opportunity to purchase this stylish beanie in the color of your choice.

The best thing about the basics category of knitting is that these patterns begin with the basic knitting techniques and progress into more advanced techniques as the different projects evolve. they encourage the knitter to expand their horizons, think for themselves and enjoy the creative process of adding fibers and colors to their projects.

We hope you enjoy the basic knitting projects and support our knitters as they grow into creative artisans.

Go to our online knitting catalog Bread and Butter Basics category to see hand loomed and knit basics by all our our designers! Lots of knit camouflage clothes, knit baby clothes, knit slippers, and more ~ all hand loomed with quality in mind ~ are available just for you!

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