How to Make a Slip Knot to Begin Hand Knitting

Hand Knitting Instructions by Sharon Nani / The Knit Tree
Photos by David Nani
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Hand Knitting begins by making a Slip Knot and Casting On the required number of stitches for your project. This is part One of the Basic Hand Knitting Techniques Series which takes you through Photo Steps Instructions of how to Make a Slip Knot, Slip Loop, to begin Hand Knitting.

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Instructions on How to Make a Slip Knot with Photos

The First Step of the Cast On is to make a Slip Knot or Slip Loop

1. Measure off a length of yarn from your ball of yarn that is approximately equal to three fourths of an inch (.75) for each stitch that you are going to need for the cast on. Our example, Dr Who Scarf, instructs us to cast on 60 stitches for a 10 inch wide scarf, assuming you got the same stitch gauge of 6 stitches per inch.
Example: 60 stitches times .75 is equal to 45 inches. 60 x .75 = 45

2. The Slip Knot (loop) will be made at the point on the yarn that you measured off: 45 inches from the yarn end. See Figures 1 thru 6.

Starting Step of a Slip Knot
Figure 1
Second Step of the Slip Knot
Figure 2

Left: Figure 1: With the yarn end at bottom of left hand and the yarn laying over the front of your hand, pinch the yarn with your thumb at the 45 inch point that you measured off. With your right hand holding the yarn attached to the yarn ball end of the yarn, bring the yarn over the top of hand and back down behind the left hand.

Right: Figure 2: Continue wrapping the left hand with the ball end of yarn in a clockwise motion bringing the yarn back up to the thumb.  You have now created a circle of yarn around your left hand in a clockwise motion.

Make the Slip knot Loop
Figure 3
Prepare the next step of the Slip Knot
Figure 4

Left: Figure 3
Pulling your left hand fingers out of the yarn circle, or pulling the yarn circle off the left hand with your right hand, and at the same time, continue to pinch the yarn with your thumb, the circle of yarn is now free from your fingers. With your right hand, place the ball end of the yarn behind the circle.

Right: Figure 4
With your right hand, place the pointed end of your knitting needle over the top of the right side of the circle, behind the strand of yarn attached to the yarn ball, then on top of the circle of yarn at the left of circle. ( knitting needle over yarn, knitting needle under yarn, knitting needle over yarn). See figure 4.

Finish forming the Slip Knot
Figure 5
Slip Knot
Figure 6.

Left: Figure 5
With your left hand, let loose of the circle of yarn, grab the two yarn ends and pull under the knitting needle. This will form the Slip Loop or Slip Knot

Right: Figure 6
Taking the free end of yarn with your left hand, and the ball end of the yarn with your right hand, Pull the yarn ends respectively in the opposite directions to the left and right to tighten the slip knot around the needle. This first Slip Knot becomes Stitch #1 of your Cast On.



Knitting Lesson One ~ the Season 12 Doctor Who Garter Stitch Scarf Replica

Hand Knitting Techniques used in Knitting Lesson One: Doctor Who Season 12 Knit Garter Stitch Striped Scarf consists of Several Parts, all with Photo Instructions for each step: Continue on with Your Basic Hand Knitting Techniques for Lesson One

This is just one way to Cast On in Hand Knitting. We use this knitting technique in our first Lesson for Beginning Hand Knitters. It is used in our knitting instructions for the Doctor Who Season 12 Knit Garter Stitch Striped Scarf. Find the Pure Wool yarn Kit for this scarf in our online knitting catalog.

Click Here to Return to the Main Article : Learn To Knit by Hand or Machine ~ Doctor Who Season 12 Scarf Knit for Charity Challenge to follow the entire Little Knitter Experience of Researching and Developing a Knit Project!

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