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Note:  Bob Fratzke was honored once again in September 2016 for his
significant contributions to archery businesses and the sport of archery & bowhunting in the past decades.  Bob was inducted into the Minnesota Archery Hall of Fame.   And yes, he is still actively hunting for those Trophy Whitetails.  Congratuations to Bob from all of us at The Knit Tree, and special thanks for sharing your knit  Winona Camo System™ with us so we can still offer it to the supporters of Winona Camo™ products.  Read more about it at the Minnesolta Archery Hall of Fame web page.  


We feature camouflage clothing for the entire family from our cotton baby camouflage clothes to our unisex ladies designer fashions in subtle camo accents, camouflage caps,and knit camo scarves hand loomed with camouflage yarn in our online knitting catalog. We even knit custom camo clothes featuring camo sweaters and camo pants hand loomed with merino wool blended with acrylic to make a unique fabric especially suited to hunting. The knit Winona camo™ clothing and accessories are available in several camouflage color ways.

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Knit Camouflage ~ The Silent Alternative for Hunting ~ Knit Camouflage for Babies ~ Knit Camo Designer Clothes

Winona Camo™ ~ Originated by Bob Fratzke ~ Now Hand loomed and offered by The Knit Tree

Photo of Bob Fratzke wearing Winona Camo™
The photo above was taken in Wisconsin in 2008 of Bob Fratzke wearing his famous Winona Camo™ Ridge Runner Hat with Winona Camo™ V neck pullover.
Photo of Bob Fratzke wearing Winona Camo™ floppy cap
In the photo above Bob Fratzke is wearing his Winona Camo™ Cardigan Jacket, Winona Camo™ Cargo Pocket Pants, and his famous Winona Camo™ Floppy Cap.

March 2011 Update: We are honored and pleased to announce that The Knit Tree is licensed to Use the famous Winona Camo™ Patterns and to recreate the Winona Camo™ clothing and accessories. We custom knit the Winona Camo™ Classic, Winona Camo™ Elite™, Winona Camo™ Snow and Winona Camo™ Blaze camouflage clothing, all originated by Bob Fratzke. Watch for new knit camouflage hunting clothes in our Online Catalog along with articles about Bob Fratzke and his Winona Camo™ hunting garments and bow hunting experiences.

Bob Fratzke is not only famous for designing the Winona Camo™ patterns and Camouflage Clothing, but he is a legend as a Master Bow hunter. He was featured in the book by Dan Bertalan - "Bow hunting's Whitetail Master's" and even wrote his own book: "Taking Trophy Whitetails / 2nd Edition" by Bob Fratzke with Glen Helgeland.

And YES, Bob Fratzke is still an Active and Passionate Bow hunter today! (updated 2021) Click here to read the article about Bob Fratzke and the history of Winona Camo™ Knit Clothing and Accessories. Then go to our Winona Camo™ & Hunting Photo Gallery to see our Camo Knits being worn in successful hunting experiences..

This smaller Camouflage pattern was originally knit in 2004 by The Knit Tree
Currently all Camo Garments are Knit with the larger Winona Camo™ Pattern

Matt's 4th season wearing knit Camo hunting clothes hand loomed by The Knit Tree
Matt says "I love my camo". The 'proof is in the pudding' as you see his bow hunting skills and knit camouflage hunting clothes has given him successful hunting seasons.
Matt is outfitted in  Knit Camo from head to toe hand loomed by The Knit Tree
In the photo above Matt is wearing a knit pullover zipper tab camo shirt jacket, knit camouflage over pants and a knit camo visor cap.

The Knit Tree specializes in hand loomed camouflage knit garments and accessories for hunters, babies, and anyone who loves to wear knit camo themed garments. We've even added knit camouflage home decor throws and pillow slip covers to the camouflage line of knits.

Matt Howe, a bow hunter from Michigan had definite hunting needs in mind when he asked Sharon Nani, owner of The Knit Tree, if she'd custom knit this camouflage jacket and outerwear knit camo pants back in 2004. His input was invaluable as he critiqued the Camouflage design, the merino / acrylic blend of fabric, and the style of knit camo hunting clothes.

Go to our online knit store to find our wide variety of knit camo sweater and camouflage jacket styles in Camouflage design. Then check out the knit camo beanies, knit camo cargo pants, and even the knit camouflage for babies. A variety of camo color ways are available.

Contact us if you don't see the camouflage that meets your needs. New camouflage garments are custom knit to fill our customers camo needs as we get special requests. We always appreciate your input and love to see the photos of our clients in The Knit Tree's line of Camouflage Knits.

New Styles of Camouflage Knit Jackets, Sweaters, Knit Camo Accessories and Camo Beanies are added as Clients Requests are filled.

The new style of camo jacket is first visually drawn and colored on the computer
New designs are drawn on the computer, then the pattern pieces are drafted on paper. This is colorway E: camel/black/brown.
Knit Camouflage Raglan Jacket in Snow Camo
The final step in the design process is knitting the final prototype to test for fit. This raglan sytle jacket was knit in snow camo: white/black/grey.

The Knit Tree specializes in personalized knit requests in the Camouflage line of Knit Products.  Hunters often have hunting clothes that have worn with age, but the company they purchased it from is no longer in business. Contact us  to see if we can fill your needs.  The client that described his worn out acrylic Winona Knit Jacket with the Zipper Front and Ribbing at the wrist and waist, a shirt collar, and  No Spill front side pockets was in luck because Sharon Nani, owner of The Knit Tree had drawn a design that was close to this description.  A new style of Camouflage Jacket that was in the 'to be knit' hand loomed knit list to be added this year.. This Raglan Sleeve Camo jacket is knit with our special blend of superfine merino wool and acrylic yarn.  The softness of the merino wool and its naturally insulating and moisture wicking characteristics added to the acrylic fiber makes a fantastic knit camouflage fiber for hunting and fashion.

With Sharon Nani, owner of The Knit Tree, going into partial retirement. Part of the knit camouflage line is taken out of the online store, but as time allows the popular items are reposted to be knit as time allows. Watch for Camouflage Knit items coming back this year: Camo Hooded Jacket for Adults, Children, and Babies, Zipper front Jackets for Kids and Babies, Knit Camo Visor Caps for Babies, Camouflage Balaclava neck warmers, camo waist packs, and much more!  We are so pleased with the response to our Hand loomed Knit Camouflage garments and accessories, that our Camouflage Knit items just keep growing as we get more requests for hard to find knit items.  If you are interested in any of these knit items in our Camo pattern and don't see them in our online catalog Camouflage Showroom yet, contact us to get them put to the top of the Knitting List.

Camouflage Clothing with Hunting in Mind!

Camouflage Knit Clothing for Hunting includes camo jackets, sweaters, skull caps, camo visor caps and more
The Knit Tree hand looms a variety of Camouflage hats, sweaters, jackets, and knit camo pants.

Camouflage clothing has special needs when it comes to hunters. Our Camo pattern was developed with the hunters "dream fabric" a blend of superfine merino wool and acrylic yarns.  Read about the details in our article: "Camouflage Clothing for Hunting and Knit Yarn Properties"

Then go to our online catalog where you can order your custom or standard sizes for our quiet knit camouflage sweaters, knit camo pants and various styles of camouflage beanies, skull caps, and merino wool blend camo visor caps.  New styles are added as requests come in.

We offer several color ways ranging from the woodland camo color schemes to snow camouflage clothing.  We even have hunters that contact us to special order their own personal color way or knit clothing to fit their hunting environment.

Camouflage Knit Visor Caps ~ Select Your Own Unique Camo Colors
We will hand loom your special color selection with merino wool or acrylic combinations

hand loomed Knit Camouflage Visor Caps in Superfine Merino Wool and Acrylic Yarn
Camo Visor Caps are one of our most popular styles, we have soft bill and regular bills in different sizes.

Camouflage comes in a variety of interpretations from fashion industry.  The Knit Tree owner, Sharon Nani offers very special services for her Unique Knit Gifts.  The popular visor caps are not only available in the traditional snow camo, desert camo,woodland camo and urban camo, but here you have the opportunity to create your own fashion statement!

Look at the insert of the image to the right to see three color camouflage color combinations that some of our customers have chosen: pink camo visor caps with black and grey , camel, brown shadows and olive, and even a very snowy camo knit in ivory, with black shadows and another ivory block. The combinations are as unique as your imagination!

Our camouflage clothing line includes visor caps in a variety of colors also (note how they come down and cover the ears if you need that extra protection from the weather). We designed this cap to have a visor big enough to be functional and the rib was knit with Lycra stabilizer which allows it fit all ages (child to adult!). One of our customers report: "I Love this hat, the rib not only folds down to keep my ears warm, but the visor keeps the rain off my glasses!"

Camouflage Knit Slipper Socks for Babies, Child, Youth, Women and Men

Knit child camouflage slipper socks make great gifts and keep the little feet warm
Little children love the knit camouflage slipper socks.
Knit camo knee high slipper socks for women and children make unique gifts
Knit camo knee high slipper socks for women and children make unique gifts.

The camo knit slippers socks are offered in our two standard camouflage fibers and a wide variety of color ways:

  • Winona Classic Camo© is knit with 100% Acrylic yarn for easy care; machine wash/dry  It is a lighter weight fabric.
  • Winona Elite Camo© is knit with 66% Acrylic / 34% Merino for a blend of fiber that takes advantage of the natural wicking ability of merino wool and washability of the acrylic; wash cold water, gentle, dry in dryer 10 minutes, remove while still damp and lay flat to dry

The camo knit Child, Youth ,Women's and men's knit camouflage slippers are offered in sizes small, medium, large and x large.  See the sizing chart to determine your size which is based off the shoe size one wears.

These camouflage slippers are marked as specials when we assemble them out of the left over knit camouflage fabric from our camouflage garment projects, so check back often to see if there is a pair in your size --- only one set is available in these cases. Check the Camouflage Accessories category in our online store to find these special prices on knit camo slipper socks in all sizes.

Customers have requested that we offer these camouflage knit slippers in 100% merino with the option of a deer hide sole. Check back to see when this option is available.

Camouflage for Baby in our Soft Combed Cotton

Camouflage Knit baby clothes in soft cotton
Babies are soo stylish in our hand loomed knit cotton camouflage baby clothes.

Cotton baby clothes have been added to our camouflage clothing category in our online knitting catalog.  The camo colors are softly muted in pink, blue, and natural colors to make our babies feel even more cuddly!

Why Cotton for our camouflage sweaters and camouflage caps? Read our article to see why we want our baby clothes available in this natural fiber -

These stylish cotton camouflage sweaters are available in baby sizes newborn to 18 months in either our pink camo or blue camo colors. There are knit baby camouflage Pink and Blue cardigans, Cotton baby camo knit Tee shirts in pink and blue, plus much more! Matching camouflage caps and booties or cotton camouflage baby blankets are also available! We want our camouflage clothing to include a whole ensemble of cotton baby clothes!

Washing your cotton knits is as easy as turning the dials of your washer and dryer. Go to our online knitting catalog for your camouflage clothing for baby clothes and the entire family!

Camouflage Gift Sets Will Save You Money

Knit baby camouflage blankets make great gifts
Babies love the knit camouflage baby blankets.
Knit camo flap caps for babies make unique gifts
In the photo above our little baby is showing off her knit baby camo flap cap which comes in newborn or 6 months size.

Our camouflage cotton baby gift sets consists of a camouflage blanket, camo cap and camo booties. You can get the camouflage baby caps and camouflage baby booties as a set too.  We know babies grow fast so we offer both new born and 6 months gift sets. Find out more information on babies growth here.

Create your own gift sets by combining our knit cotton and acrylic camouflage baby clothes with any of our other baby clothes in the Bread and Butter Showroom Babies Corner.  They are all individually hand loomed with our easy care, soft combed cotton in the same colors of pink, blue, natural, and white.

These camouflage gift sets make great baby shower presents or that special gift for mom and dad anxiously awaiting the arrival of their newest family addition.  Don't forget to freshen up on your baby shower games before you take these camouflage baby gift sets to the baby shower!

Select your own colors for The Knit Trees unique hand loomed camouflage knits in either the available superfine merino wool colors or acrylic colors.  Contact customer service if you have a special color request for other camouflage knits offered by The Knit Tree.

WOW!! you say - this isn't the "Traditional Camouflage" that I see all the hunters and sports enthusiasts wearing.  Well, you are right - camouflage has lots of interpretations in military, nature, recreation and fashion.  Check out our article showing you camouflage from early fashion days of Razzle Dazzle in 1910, military camouflage and today's artistic representations! Then check out all our camouflage hand loomed knit items and gifts in our online knitting catalog.  We'll be adding alot more fashionable camouflage knitwear for babies, children, men and women as our creative juices flow and turn into creative knit wear!

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