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The "Born in America" collection offers a window into Native American culture and art through the life like dolls of California artist/sculptor, Lynn   Gear Zone Products - suppliers of High Quality Tactical Gear and Equipment for the Law Enforcement and Military Community including 5.11 Tactical, WileyX eyewear, ESS Goggles, Tactical Assault Gear, Blackhawk, Night Ops Illumination Tools, Paraclete and Paca Body Armour. Military, Law Enforcement and volume discounts available. The Knit Tree's unique camouflage clothes go great with Gear Zones Products. Then check out the article on Camouflage Clothing in Nature, Military, Recreation and Fashion.
Vessel International - If you would like to find some exquisite amber jewelry to accompany your woven blanket or knit gift. Check here to see the best in authentic polish amber jewelry.    
North Coast Photos - Renowned aerial and scenic photographer Gary Todoroff has some eye opening photos to share with you. The Knit Tree can even personalize your knits with your unique photos.   RELATED TO NATIVE AMERICAN
Shelby Glass Studio - After you have spruced up your body with original knit clothing designs, spruce up your surroundings with mosaic tile art and murals done in vitreous glass, millefiori, tesserae, and Italian mosaic.   Dawning_cherokee is a young Artisan of Cherokee / Tslagi ancestry.  Read an article about dawning_cherokee and picture of her work. She markets her Native Style jewelry, medicine bags, paintings, moccasins, hair pieces and much more on Ebay. Go to her Ebay About Page to find what she currently has available or contact her for a Custom hand crafted item.
California Ocean Pictures - Enjoy scenic ocean photos from Northern California. Inspiration for your personalized knitting designs. - For the best in Indian Jewelry please visit - Complement our hand loomed Native American Knits with this beautiful Native American jewelry found at
Kay Harden Kay Harden is a phenomenal pen and ink artist. Her art is primarily creations based on places she visits.    
CLUBS, RECREATION, AND LEISURE   Fluoride Fluoride information and history - interesting reading about what Fluoridation has done to promote dental health and prevent suffering in kids.
Porsche Club of America / Shasta Region: Members of the Porsche Club of America Shasta Region in Redding California are sporting their own personalized logo blankets from the Knit Tree. If you love your Porsche and want to network with other enthusiasts check out the Shasta region Porsche Club of America.   Pregnancy Updates- After you have stocked up on knit baby caps from the Knit Tree you might want to check out Pregnancy Updates for all the info on growing a baby of your own. You can view information about what to expect during each week of your pregnancy. Read articles on pregnancy, find baby names, view the belly gallery, learn recipes and exercises, and go shopping for baby items.
Robert Goodman Wines - Need a great California Micro-winery Cabernet to curl up around a cozy fire with your blanket or Hand knitting Dr Who Yarn Kit Check our Robert Goodmans affordable limited availability wines.    
Antique Snowmobile Club of America - Promoting snowmobiling and history. Wrap yourself in one of our blankets or hats when you go out in the cold to see these antiques.   INFO COTTAGE INDUSTRIES ~ CRAFTSMEN
Discover the Redwoods - Here's a site that has spectacular places to visit for an affordable adventure vacation. Wear your knit items in the great outdoors.   Dr. Laura - Talk show host and Supporter of small business cottage industries, The Knit Tree, and Native American families
Precision Intermedia - Designers of the The Knit Tree Website, promoters of small business and Native American hand loomed blanket designers and manufacturers   Dharma Trading Co.- Since 1969 Dharma has been providing supplies for textile crafts and clothing blanks for screen printing, dying, batik, block printing and about any other method of adorning fabric for artists, craftsperson's, and industry. Incorporate these supplies when knitting your own unique creations.
A Touch of Understanding
A Touch of Understanding (ATOU) provides disability awareness programs designed to educate a new generation to understand the challenges associated with disabilities and to accept and respect all individuals. ATOU is a nonprofit organization comprised of dedicated individuals, some with disabilities and some without, who come together to form a strong team working to help students look beyond the disability, the wheelchair, the braces, the unpredictable behavior and see the person.
The Knit Tree donates10% of all sales of the Autism Heart Puzzle knits to ATOU
  Stitchtastic offers stitch ers the opportunity to stitch "something a bit different". Their range includes over 700 unique and exclusive counted cross stitch designs with something for everyone. ~ huge range of transport designs, over 100 caricature designs and an expanding range of nature designs. They also provide useful tips and advice for cross stitchers.
Jefferson Backroads - This site gives a great history on 'the State of Jefferson' and gives alot of links and information on Events in Northern California, and Artisans and Craftsman in Northern California that all support 'Made in USA' They all would enjoy wearing The Knit Tree's Winona Camouflage clothing!    
Hot Couture - women's and junior clothing. Shop for women's and junior clothing, including tops, jeans, dresses and skirts for amazing prices. Then find great hand loomed accessories from The Knit Tree's online catalog   INFORMATION RELATED TO KNITTING
Timber Ridge - As you are sitting at home wearing your cozy Knit Tree Products perhaps you have been thinking about the needs of yourself or a loved one concerning assisted living arrangements for seniors. Timber Ridge provides senior housing and elder care for those in need.    
Linen Closet- Fine Linens made from Egyptian cotton and other comfy and luxurious things to dress up your home and bathroom. Excellent complements to enjoy while knitting or reading.  

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