Native American Art Style

Inspired from Cultural Mythology and Native Beliefs

by Sharon Nani, owner of The Knit Tree

Native American Art and Art Styles are applied to several creative crafts including hand knitting, machine knitting, beading, weaving, jewelry making, wood carving, quilting, and painting. Indian Nations throughout the world have different Native American designs and interpretations of their Art dependant upon their cultural beliefs, traditions, and upon the medium on which the design is applied. The inspiration for these designs can come from a variety of sources including personal experience, surroundings in nature, Native Legends, and Cultural Mythology. It is important to interpret these designs with respect whenever they become the inspiration for artistic creation whether it be Native American Art, Indian Art Styles or Native American Art Reproduction.

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Native American Artisan

Introducing Dawning_Cherokee

dawning_cherokee of Cherokee / Tslagi anchestry is an Artisan who handcrafts Native American Art Style products
dawning_cherokee of Cherokee / Tslagi anchestry is an Artisan who handcrafts Native American Art Style products.

Sharon Nani, owner of the Knit Tree, has a special place in her heart for the young, inspiring Artisans. It is through this youthful and energetic generation that the Culture, History and Art of all Ethnic groups can be preserved. All Artisans share a common bond of appreciation of the creative process of producing their respective Art and Craft products.

It was through this common bond of Art appreciation that Sharon met Dawning_ Cherokee. Dawning_Cherokee had previously purchased some of Sharon’s knit Shugs handloomed in different Native Art Style Designs and she asked if the Eagle design could be knit on a Dance Shawl. In the process of communication, Sharon, in return asked dawning_cherokee if she marketed any of her beautiful beading work. To Sharon’s great delight, dawning_cherokee did indeed offer her Native Art Style on a variety of products including, Medicine Bags, Paintings, Clothing, Beaded Moccasins, and new products in process. This wonderful meeting of Artisans from different Medias and Cultures has bonded into a Friendship of Kindred Spirits and sealed with the exchange of gifts: a handloomed Eagle Dance Shawl and a beautifully crafted original and custom Beaded Hair Piece.

>Dawning_cherokee (Note: the name she goes by on Ebay for marketing her Native Art Style Products) states “I am Cherokee / Tslagi. I am not a card carrying enrolled member. What you buy from me is not considered Native American made until further notice. I am in the process of filing the required paperwork. At this time, what you purchase is considered Native American Style, NDN Style, Indian Style.” You can purchase dawning_cherokee’s hand crafted pieces of art on Ebay. Click on this link to go to dawning_cherokee About Page. View her items currently for sale through this page.

Custom Beaded Hair Piece
Handcrafted by dawning_cherokee
Inspired from the Cherokee Story of the Sun

Native American Art Style of a Custom Beaded Hair Piece in the likeness of Brother Moon
Native American Art Style of a Custom Beaded Hair Piece in the likeness of Brother Moon.

The image to the left is the Native American Art Style of the Custom Beaded Hair Piece designed and handcrafted by dawning_cherokee especially for Sharon Nani, owner of The Knit Tree. Dawning_ Cherokee describes the hair piece: "I have a mother of pearl center piece shaped like a full moon. Then using the colors that you like, I have used silver, shimmery lavender, dark plum, and black surrounding the moon in circles to look like a night sky with just the moon showing."

Below is an excerpt from the personal letter written to Sharon to accompany the Custom Beaded Hair Piece hand crafted in the likeness of Brother Moon. It definitely, shows how dawning_cherokee puts loving thought into the creative process of designing each of her pieces of Native Art Styles.

Contact dawning_cherokee on her About Page at Ebay if you want to order a custom hair piece.

“The inspiration for this hair piece came from the Cherokee story of the Sun.

I had been thinking over the months as I tried different designs for your hair piece. I wanted something for you that was beautiful, that symbolized how you initiated this new idea as well as something that would make you smile with its beauty. When I was combing through beading patterns, I remembered the Story of the Sun. 

In the story, it talks about how the Sun spoke to her brother the Moon about the people of the Middle World (us) and how she thought we were ugly because when we looked up at her, we would frown in her countenance. But, the Moon laughed. He told his sister that he thought the people of the Middle World were quite handsome creatures because when they looked up into the sky each night they always seemed to have a pleasant smile when their eyes fell upon him. 

That is when I knew I would make your hair piece in the likeness of the moon. It is my hope that in this piece, you will find the daily journey of Brother Moon and his phases contributing to the constancy of your path.”

Medicine Bag Pouch
Buckskin Leather ~ Turtle Abalone
Artisan ~ dawning_cherokee

Abalone Turtle Medicine Bag Pouch hand crafted in Indian Art Style by dawning_cherokee
Abalone Turtle Medicine Bag Pouch hand crafted in Indian Art Style by dawning_cherokee

This is one of many Medicine Bag Pouchs that dawning_cherokee has offered for sale on Ebay. Dawning_cherokee describes her Medicine Bag Pouch as follows:

You are looking at an imitation brain tanned german leather medicine pouch. 

It has shell heishi beads, 2 sleeping beauty turquoise beads, 1 amber bead, three genuine cowrie shells, purple shell beads, round bone beads that are quite old yet well preserved and still light colored/never worn, as well as amethyst colored glass beads that have dots. The amethyst glass beads reminded me vaguely of the native american symbol for medicine man's eye whose meaning is watchful, wise, medicine. A rendering of that symbol is posted below.

medicine Man eye Medicine Man's Eye

The abalone turtle secured at the opening is marked 925, as well as stamped with Mexico

For those who are interested because they carry the turtle totem I have provided the information below:
Turtle: nurturer, protector, mother energy

Many Natives refer to North America as Turtle Island, because their legends say that when the earth was covered with water, Turtle dove to the bottom of the oceans bringing up earth on its back so that the people could have a safe and dry home. Turtle is at home anywhere because it carries its home on its back. It does not become attached to places, for it is free to search for new opportunities wherever they may be found. When they sense danger, or are in uncomfortable and insecure settings, they withdraw into their shell, and are protected. If you have Turtle medicine, you value both the power of the earth, the waters of the earth, and the magic of the heavens, for Turtle symbolizes both the grounding quality of earth energy, and the magic of the mystical. Using Turtle energy can help you achieve real balance in your life and your spirit so that you don't get "stuck in the mud". Turtle's medicine includes a connection with the center, navigation skills, patience, self-boundaries, associated with the feminine, power to heal female diseases, respecting the boundaries of others, developing new ideas, psychically protecting oneself, self-reliance, tenacity, non-violent defense.

As borrowed from the web site Crystalinks. (note by author: This web site has alot of information about Power Animals, Animal Totems and their symbology.

Artisan ~ dawning_cherokee
Samples of other Hand Crafted Indian Art Styles

Native American Art Style Painted titled Cheyenne Woman Moccasins in the process of Beading the Design Beaded Ear Rings crafted by dawning_cherokee
Native American Art Style Painted titled Cheyenne Woman Dawning_Cherokee shows how she predraws the Native Design on Moccasins - then Beads Beaded Ear Rings crafted by dawning_cherokee
Beautifully crafted Indian Art Style Beaded Necklace by Artisan dawning_cherokee
Beautifully crafted Indian Art Style Beaded Necklace by Artisan dawning_cherokee

A beautifully beaded Indian Style Necklace handcrafted by dawning_cherokee.  You can own one of her beautifully crafted pieces of Art and support a Young Artisan by going to dawning_cherokee's About Page on Ebay and viewing the items she currently has available. Or contact her about your own Custom Native Art Style painting, jewelry, medicine bag pouch, hair piece or clothing --- all crafted with her thoughtful and loving hands.

Handcrafted Beaded Medicine Bags,
Beaded Hair Pieces, Beaded Moccasins, and even Paintings
by Artisan ~ dawning_cherokee
Native American Art Styles

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