Camouflage Baby Shower Theme is in Vogue

Featuring Camouflage Decorating and Game Ideas

By Sharon Nani, owner of The Knit Tree

This baby has been hiding in Mommy's Tummy long enough. It's time for us to welcome baby out of its hiding place! A camouflage baby shower theme is uniquely vogue and will be a welcome party to remember! It won't be like the usual baby shower you attend and is lots of fun to give.

Now, first we must remember in order to follow the baby shower theme of "Camouflage," think about the meaning of the word:  "to hide or disguise."  This is done with a collage of colors mixed to conform to the environment. So this baby shower theme is easy to follow. Let's get ready to decorate and play games with the mystery of camouflage.

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Here's some Camo ideas for Camo Baby Shower Games and Decorations

Baby Shower Decorations and Games for our Camouflage Theme

It's easy to decorate in a collage of the colors of baby's nursery, whether our "Mother to Be" likes pastels or brites and turn this baby shower decoration into a baby shower game as well. Start by getting balloons and streamers in a mixture of pastels: pinks, blues, and whites or in a mixture of brites: reds, yellows, blues, and greens - Make several hanging arrangements of 3-5 balloons, putting strips of streamers amongst them. Now, here is the camouflage disguise: in the middle of the hanging balloons, hang a hidden baby item. Here's some ideas for your baby gifts and camouflage items: rattles, tethers, small finger toys, baby cotton wash cloth, baby knit camouflage knit booties- anything little and light. This sets the camouflage environment for the camouflage balloon baby shower game.

Camouflage Balloons

Sometime during the shower – play the baby shower game – camouflage balloons.  Ask everyone to write down what is hidden in the balloons and what color is it – (that way people can't guess). Winner is the one that gets the most right – and don't forget – no peaking once the game has started. If no one gets any – you win because you did a great job of Camouflage! Our expectant mom gets the camouflaged baby gift items of course!

Mystery Camouflage Country Punch

Turn your baby shower punch into a baby shower game and have some camouflage fun! I've been making this punch for over 30 years at open houses, graduations, bridal showers, baby showers, and just good family gatherings. No one could ever guess "all" the ingredients. Now, I'll share this favorite punch recipe with you, the game of course is to have all the guests write down what ingredients are in the punch – so I hope they all had some! When you calculate their scores, subtract 1 for each 'wrong answer'. Here's the punch recipe:
2 (6-oz.) can of frozen juices of limade
1 (1 lb. 14 oz.) can pineapple juice
1 pt. cranberry juice cocktail (cranrasberry or cranapple work great too)
2-4 cups cold water
2 quarts ginger ale, chilled
1 quart plain soda water, chilled

Empty the frozen juices, ineapple and cranberry juice and water into large container or bowl. Thaw; stir well. Pour the mixture into punch bowl. Add ice cubes. Just before serving, gently pour in the giner ale and soda water. Makes about 30 servings.

Safety Pins and Rice

This game is an old standard, but it does fit our camouflage baby shower theme. Put tiny safety pins in a bowl of rice. Blindfold player and have them see how many safety pins they can retrieve in a set amount of time (2 minutes or whatever you choose). Winner is the person with most safety pins. Try it, its harder than you think!

Take Mommy to the Hospital: Maze Puzzle (Print this out for your Baby Shower)

Mom needs to get to the hospital fast – baby is coming out of hiding – no more mystery camouflage now! The one who gets her through the maze and to the delivery room is the winner! Puzzle Mazes are definitely camouflage in action – you don't want to take the wrong road on the way to the hospital! Click here to get the maze puzzle and print out the page for your game. Then make multiple copies for all your guests.

Baby Shower Favor

Carry through on the baby shower camouflage theme for your party favors.  Get 5 oz baby bottles and fill with candies the same colors as your balloon choice. M&M's, Mints, there are lots of candy choices that come in pastels or brites.

Camouflage Gifts for Baby

Our little baby loves to be cuddled in her knit camouflage baby blanket availble in lots of camo colors
Our little baby loves to be cuddled in her knit camouflage baby blanket availble in lots of camo colors.
This baby loves her unique camo knit flap hat available in lots of colors
This baby loves her unique camo knit flap hat available in lots of colors.

The Knit Tree has a great line of camouflage baby clothes that make great baby shower gifts. We have knit baby blankets, knit booties, knit camouflage baby hats, and knit cotton camouflage sweaters in great styles.  Check out the knit camouflage cardi, cotton camo T shirt They come in pink camouflage or blue camouflage. The Knit Tree plans on adding more baby items offered in all the camo colors to match Dad's hunting ensembles. So check back for more baby camo items.

You can save money on our baby gift sets. Make a whole ensemble of camouflage outfits by matching the camo sweaters with other items found in The Knit Tree's Baby Corner.

I hope you have a successful Camouflage Baby Shower and can make use of some of these ideas for a memorable and fun welcome for any baby!

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